Thursday, December 14, 2017

Bonus projects to go with the quilt.....

Mhairi, I hope you are reading this.....and for those of you who haven't seen our boyz for a while, and wondered where they have been, Padsworth and DragonDrop are very much here, and very involved in things!

They decided they would help out with this post . . . . we'll see how this goes!

Remember the flimsy?

Well, it's still a flimsy, but I put those bonus HST squares to very good use!

First, I made a star pillow for the guest room bed where the quilt will make its home (once I have time to finish it!). 

Here are Padsworth and DragonDrop showing it to you:

Yep, that's one of my vintage chenille spreads on the bed, and those pillows behind the boyz will be covered in shams soon; that's next on the list!

I'm afraid they got a little rowdy after this; they wanted to check out the new window treatments. DragonDrop thought that rappelling down the cord of the new blinds looked fun:

And Padsworth lost his hold on the new valance and had to be rescued before any more photos could be made.

Once that crisis was averted, we could take some pictures to show y'all....

And yes, that is a particularly bright green on the walls.....hence the use of a good bit of white to tone things down!!

Here is the new valance, with more lovely bonus HST squares!

Along the top and bottom, I used scraps of the gorgeous Joanne Figueora fabrics as borders.

Whew! I think the guest room is coming along!

Of course, the boyz decided on a new project, and I'll give you a glimpse of their plans..... more to come soon!


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas gifts

Do you have a quilter on your gift list?

Or do you need to whip up a quick gift?

Here is the solution for you!

Our friends at this online store:

offer kits and accessories that those on your list will love!

And right now they are enticing us with free shipping!!

Hop on over (click on that link) and check out the fun! (And tell 'em that Snoodles sent ya!)


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Flimsy done! (As promised!)

Last time we talked fabrics (yes, I know it's been too long, y'all have my heartfelt apologies....but my customers have a good bit of my attention) I showed you some luscious fabrics and the blocks I was making.


Well, some more blocks and some sashing and corner blocks later, and there's a flimsy ready to be sandwiched! (Grin)

Of course, it had to rain when I wanted to show you, so these photos are not too good, but I think you can get the general idea.

I used a few of the "bonus" HSTs in a partial border.....

Why? Didn't want to use 'em all up.

Why? Cos I have several projects for them. (Oh, this is so exciting!!!)

I'm going to make a valance for the windows where this quilt will make its home, and then pillow shams, too!! Squeeee!

Hang in there.....more quilty goodness coming soon! (And a visit from Padsworth and DragonDrop.....just sayin)


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Countdown to Christmas is coming!

Our awesome sponsor, the Fat Quarter Shop, is gearing up for their Countdown to Christmas!

Do you like their Flash Sales?

You'll LOVE this countdown event!!

They are working feverishly behind the scenes to get ready, so while we wait, check out these cool ideas at their site:

Shop for the quilter or crafter in your life! (Or for yourself, just sayin'.)

Get organized and whip out finished projects this year!

Love a good mystery? Check out this one -- fun all year long!

I'll be back with more news soon..... jingle, jingle!!


Monday, November 27, 2017

Stella Lighting Sale -- you don't want to miss it!

Oh, my.

It's been way too long!

Sorry for my absence; working for a living has a way of keeping us busy, no?

But I simply MUST tell you about this sale at Stella!

Remember my bestie, Emmy? My fav light that is so awesome!!

You can get one today!! The Cyber Monday sale is going on, and if you hop over there from this blog, you'll find a bestie just for you!!

Here's what you on this link to be whisked away through cyberspace to the Stella site. Then shop and choose your own Stella..... enter this code at the check out: betterlightbetterlife

You will receive a $50 instant coupon, plus free shipping!!!


Only a few more hours left!!


PS. I finished a flimsy in my "free" time! I'll show you soon!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Working on a UFO.....

I was stunned to see the date on the post where I first showed you lovely peeps this bundle of fabric!!

FIVE years ago! (I didn't even realize I'd been a resident of blogland for that long!)

I was the lucky winner of a giveaway, and received that gorgeous pile of fat quarters, plus a pattern! The fabric line is called Butterscotch and Rose, and is from the talented designer, Joanne Figueroa!

I actually dug in and started this project, as you can see in this post: click here.

And I love, love the fact that I got bonus triangles from the blocks, too: click here.

I dug this out of my stash a week or so ago, and said "howdy" again.....I'd forgotten all about it. 

I'd made almost all of the blocks, just four more to go. They go together so fast!

Check these out!

I can't think of another word to describe these beautiful fabrics adequately, except for sumptuous....they are really lovely.

Now I'm putting together the lattice strips and joining up the large blocks....then to put on my thinking cap for a cool border. Maybe I'll use some of those bonus triangles!

I'll show you more progress next time!


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Under my needle.....

Ahhh, has a tendency to move too quickly, no?

Especially when one must work full time. But at least then we can purchase more fabric!

Am I right?

I wanted to show you what I had been working on in my spare moments!  The fourth corner isn't in the frame cos I appliqued the little one's name there....

Here is a shot showing the backing of the quilt:

Not sure why it looks so wonky! (Grin) It's a square!


I took these shots while binding....I do love me a narrow binding and sweetly turned corner!

I free motion quilted it with random stippling and every so often a little heart. You can see several hearts here; this was right beside her name.

I reached into the dim recesses of my cabinet and got out a UFO to work on....more on that next time!


Monday, September 25, 2017

Scrap busting time!

The interwebs has an awesome community of quilting peeps!  

Great ideas abound, and wonderful, inspiring projects are everywhere you look.... in fact, when I combine the ideas in my own sketchbook with the projects I've pinned on Pinterest, I have enough fun stuff to last me for the next ninety-three years!! (I guess I'd better stock up on multi-vitamins, right?)

Anyway, I saw a great scrap-buster idea over at SuperMomNoCape, and I wanted to show y'all!

Here is a photo of her project that I snagged from her blog:

Now, she gives a great tutorial for making these, with good, clear photos and instructions. For visual peeps like me, that makes it a walk in the park. (Grin) It's a really cool way to use up some of your scraps, and you'll end up with useful things for yourself, or for people on your gift list. (You know, that time of the year is coming soon!)

Hop over and check it out, and let her know that Snoodles sent you!


Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Oh, the things we take for granted! (Grin)

Ever had the power go off in a storm, and still walk into a room and flip the switch? 

I'm happy to say our power is back on!

We are up and running again (and sawing up a tree that fell) and we'll be back soon with more quilting fun!

Thank you for all your positive thoughts and prayers -- y'all are amazing and I wish I could hug you all. Please join me in praying for the folks who lost more than power in this huge storm.... here's hoping that we all come through OK!


Monday, September 11, 2017

Hurricanes and high winds

If you are seeing this post, it is because Hurricane Irma did a number on the power grid in my area. I'm preparing for the coming storm, and I fully expect that where we live, there will be trees downed and lines on the ground for a while.

Hurricanes are a tremendous force, and our trees here are in "full canopy" with gorgeous racks of leaves that make their branches quite heavy. Those heavy tops can make the trees topple when the ground is saturated with rain, and the wind is howling.

I'm scheduling this, but I hope you won't see it! Hopefully, I will be able to post as usual. But if I'm not here, please join me in prayer for our first responders and our power grid teams, as they struggle to restore power and sustain life in hurricane-torn areas.

Pray for the restoration of Texas, and then for the folks impacted by this newest devastation in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. As I'm writing, it looks like the storm will track straight through here.

Blessings to all, and prayers for safety.